Stories of an Everyday Runner: Running Mojo

Stories of an Everyday Runner

Not all runs are good runs. Some just downright suck, as is the case with one of my runs this week. It started out as a run, but turned out to be more of a walk. It happens.

Developing Your Eye: Day Five – Connect


Developing Your Eye: Day Five - Connect

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Developing Your Eye: Day Four – Bliss


Developing Your Eye - Day Four - Bliss
Reading outside on a beautiful summer day.


Did you miss yesterday’s photograph. See it here.

Weekend Coffee: Nourish

Weekend Coffee Share

I pour coffee from a fresh pot. I love seeing the dark swirl around with the light creamer. It is like a dance. Once we have our coffees we settle in for an outdoor chat. Clouds pass overhead protecting us Continue reading Weekend Coffee: Nourish