The Great Hair Experiment

The Great Hair ExperimentWomen – How often do you wash your hair?

A couple of weeks ago I was hanging out with some friends and somehow we got on the subject of how often we each wash our hair. I was shocked to learn that most of the women surrounding the table washed their hair far less than the every day or two I washed my own hair.

They claimed if they washed their hair more often, it would dry out. Since my hair is kind of dry, I would follow their lead and do a hair experiment. I would try to only wash my hair once or twice within a week.

I selected a time frame when I didn’t really need to be anywhere. My work kept me at home, I only had a few simple errands to run, and I didn’t have many entertainment type plans. I did have other things planned, like running and mowing the lawn, but these were normal tasks in a normal week. If the hair experiment was successful, it had to include running and mowing.

The first couple of days were fine, normal. Then I ran. My hair was a sweaty mess, but I still didn’t wash it. I rinsed it out. Again, the next day. Ran and rinsed.

By the fourth day, my hair looked absolutely disgusting. I couldn’t even stand to look at it. The only positive I saw in the mirror was my hair didn’t seem to be a frizzy. How could it be? It was so icky. After I mowed the lawn, I couldn’t wait to get in the shower and wash my hair.

I’ve heard you have to be patient when trying to do an experiment like this. It takes time for your oil glands to adjust to the difference in hair care. Clearly, I am not patient enough to allow for the adjustment. Also, I have to wonder if those who do not wash their hair daily exercise on a regular basis. Running in the heat caused my hair to be a sweat soaked nest on my head could not have helped my experiment. I understand that people have different hair types and different hair care needs, so maybe they are able to go for lengths of time without washing. I guess I am just not one of them.

How often do you wash your hair? Do you have any hair care tips for my dry hair problem that does not involve waiting days to wash?

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