Are you a doer or a procrastinator? Or both?

I don’t know when it happened, but at some point I became a bit of a morning person. Somewhere among all the mornings I was forced to wake up by 5:30 am, my natural tendency to want to stay up late and sleep in switched. Now, if I sleep past 7:00 am I feel like I’ve wasted the entire day.

Since I became a morning person, I also find that I am much more productive in the morning. So, in order to get stuff done I plan on doing them as soon as I get up, so I have the rest of the day to do what I want.

Just a small problem with that plan.

I am not always a productive morning person.

I like to check things off my to-do list. In fact, I have been known to write something I just completed on my list so I can cross it off. The action of physically crossing off an item is so satisfying.

On the other hand, I am also a procrastinator. In grad school, a friend and I had contests on who could wait the longest before starting an assignment. The winner was crowned the Procrastinator Queen. Who wouldn’t want such a prestigious title?

I’m fairly certain I am not unique in that I procrastinate some days and others I don’t. Actually, I know I’m not. Most people procrastinate about doing the things they don’t really want to do. We keep putting it off until we must rush to get it done. It seems so silly to do this since if we just did it, we could enjoy the day so much more. We wouldn’t have to worry about completing the task and we feel productive (most of the time). It is the feeling of accomplishment that makes crossing items off my list so gratifying. If only we could hold onto that feeling to make us less likely to procrastinate later.

Sometimes that feeling of productivity is enough to motivate me to complete my to-do list before officially starting my day. Those days are great. Equally great are the days I am able to put off doing something in favor of something I really enjoy doing.

Perhaps it is OK that some days I am a doer and others a procrastinator. Most important is stuff gets done.

What type of person are you?

Are you a doer or a procrastinator? Or both?

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