Weekend Coffee: Busy Days and Late Nights

Weekend Coffee Share

A huge cup of coffee sits beside me as I try to stave off the sleepiness that lingers in my eyelids. They so want to close, but I have another busy day ahead. The last in a row of several Continue reading Weekend Coffee: Busy Days and Late Nights

Stories of an Everyday Runner: Summer Moments

Summer Deer

Summer mornings are one of my favorite times to run. It is warm and maybe even a little humid, but the hot sun hasn’t made it high enough in the sky to make the humidity unbearable. Though, I must go Continue reading Stories of an Everyday Runner: Summer Moments

Midnight Pumpkin Pancakes

Midnight Pumpkin Pancakes

You are awake. It is the middle of the night. There is really only one thing you can do. Eat pancakes. Especially if those pancakes happen to be pumpkin. As the line from Dazed and Confused says, “Nothing like piling Continue reading Midnight Pumpkin Pancakes

A Little Thanksgiving Celebration

A Little Thanksgiving Celebration

We all know the origin of Thanksgiving. We have heard the story about the European settlers to the New World and how the Indigenous people helped them to adapt by teaching them how to grow food in their new environment. Continue reading A Little Thanksgiving Celebration

I Like Halloween…Now

Facing Fears

I groped my way along the pitch black corridor on my hands and knees. My only hope of finding a way out was forward. As I moved my hand along the floor, my heart beat faster and faster until I Continue reading I Like Halloween…Now