Dancing in September


The hot, humid days are making their fickle transition to the crisp, breezy days of fall. Though fall does not officially start for a few weeks, the first day of September brings the promise of brilliant color and pumpkin everything Continue reading Dancing in September

Stories of an Everyday Runner: It’s all happening

Stories of an Everyday Runner

With the exception of various wildlife, occasional dogs, and extreme heat, my runs are generally uneventful. If I wasn’t looking for something to write about, I surely wouldn’t find it. Yet, for two consecutive days, it’s all happening.

Weekend Coffee: Busy Days and Late Nights

Weekend Coffee Share

A huge cup of coffee sits beside me as I try to stave off the sleepiness that lingers in my eyelids. They so want to close, but I have another busy day ahead. The last in a row of several Continue reading Weekend Coffee: Busy Days and Late Nights

Developing Your Eye: Day Four – Bliss


Developing Your Eye - Day Four - Bliss
Reading outside on a beautiful summer day.


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