Do you ever feel this way?

Like your entire life you were forced (or at least gently, yet firmly nudged) to choose the “practical” path? So, you took the paved path, the safe one, ignoring your creativity. Or, if you are following a creative path, do you feel like you must label yourself as one thing (artist, painter, designer) instead of owning the multi-faceted person you are?

Yeah, me too!

Niching, putting ourselves (or being forced into) into boxes, and labeling our talents limits how we can show up and be seen. I want to honor my entire self. The person I had to get to know through questioning and journaling because I allowed myself to be put into boxes, essentially allowing other people to tell me who I am. I don’t want that for you. I want you to step into your entire being. Let’s work together to unlock your possibilities.


Community is important, especially for writers and entrepreneurs. I would love to have you join my community. In the email community, we mostly talk about writing and creativity type things. And if you join the pop-up writing sessions, we get together about once or twice a month and write together.

Pop-up Writing Sessions


I spent way too much time denying I was a writer. Or saying I was a writer, but not quite believing it because I hadn’t been published or made any money at it. But, guess what? I am a writer. Here I am – writing. And you know what else? You can’t get published or make money writing, if you don’t share what you write.

I’ve written a book, Running Through My Thoughts, and write blog posts about writing, creativity, writing adjacent topics, and sometimes whatever I want. My workbook, Goals with Compassion, 2nd Edition, is coming soon!

Featured Posts


Once I started owning the fact that I am a writer, I started pushing away all the “practical” skills because I thought they made me less of a creative person. I had never heard of a writer who also loves spreadsheets! But, I have these skills and I am good at them, and my entire life people told me I should be a teacher (and I was for a while), so I created (and continue to create) mini-courses to share what I’ve learned. These are short and packed full of useful information.



“One of the things I love about you is how encouraging you are!”

“Your journaling course has really helped me develop my business!”

“Best business consultant ever!”

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