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Hi! I’m Jerri. Glad you’re here!

Jerri | Eclectic Creative

Do you need help with words? You are in the right place! I am your go-to for putting words together for you or improving what you already created. I can write about almost anything you need because I have degrees in both liberal arts and business administration majoring in management along with many life experiences and interests. You can trust I will create the content you need with trusted resources and research.

Whether you want something quirky and fun or more formal and serious, I can create something you can be proud to call yours. My main goal is to make sure you love the content on your website, blog post, article, letter, note, or wherever you need words.

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“Jerri is a great writer and my go-to when I need some much-needed wordsmithing!”

Jerri increased our Giving Tuesday donations by 216% over last year with a social media campaign!

“I am so happy to be working with you because it looks great! Thank you for getting that done for me.”

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