The Best Running Resources

When I started running, I didn’t do a lot of research. If you read my previous post about how I became a runner, you know it was almost on a whim. I was bored just walking and my friend offered a challenge. It didn’t take much convincing for me to give it a whirl.

Those who know me might be shocked to learn I didn’t research running. I mean, really, I have ran pretty much my entire life in some capacity. What did I need to learn? Besides, I didn’t think of myself as a runner. After I started feeling like a runner, I began seeking out resources to improve and find answers to a few questions.

If you run, you are a runner. It is that simple. Don’t put off learning about your sport.

If you are just starting out, thinking about starting, or are already a runner but finally decided you should research your sport, here are a few places you should go.

  1. Other runners. Likely, you know at least one person who runs. There isn’t a better resource than someone you know who has been running longer than you. Most of the time you find them to be very encouraging and supportive. We love others who want to start getting healthy, even if that means doing something other than running. We will encourage you in any way we possibly can.
  2. Your local running specialty store. I have my favorite, but there are several around. I must confess I was ignorant on how to select the right running shoe for me. It wasn’t until I went to a specialty store that I learned I was wearing the wrong size shoe and I had been running for three years! The people who work in these stores love running and are a great resource for any challenges you may experience.
  3. Many stores offer free group runs. I highly recommend you join a running group to help you develop your running abilities. You will find people of all skill levels at these runs and you will learn something from everyone there. Not only are these groups a great resource, but they provide a ready-made running community for you.
  4. Online articles. Notice I put this one last. You can learn a lot from online articles but running is something to be experienced. You should use the resources above first and then supplement your growing knowledge with articles you find around the web. Just remember not all online sources are created equal.

Running is one of the easiest sports to begin. You don’t need a lot of equipment and it makes you stronger both physically and mentally. It is hard, but absolutely worth it.

I am happy to help you get started as well. I have learned a few things in the years since I began running (like you need a running shoe about one size larger than your normal shoe size). If you have a question, leave a comment or contact me through the Contact Me! link at the top of the page. I want to hear about your fitness journey!

I want to hear from you!