Book Discussion Series

Book Discussion Series: Tribe

On the surface, Tribe: Homecoming and Belonging by Sebastian Junger seems to be far from a gripping read for most people not affected by life in the military. Famous for works such as The Perfect Storm and War, in this book, Junger discusses an aspect of military life often overlooked – coming home.

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Dancing in September

The hot, humid days are making their fickle transition to the crisp, breezy days of fall. Though fall does not officially start for a few weeks, the first day of September brings the promise of brilliant color and pumpkin everything just around the corner. September has me looking forward to the magic of autumn, while

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A Note on Profanity

A Note on Profanity: It’s a Complicated Topic

When I sat down to write this post about profanity, I had a very clear picture of the idea I wanted to convey. The singular idea was that we provide words power. A word is just a word. A phrase is just a phrase. It is the speaker and the receiver who give a word

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Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee: Contemplating a New Genre

Today is a two cup of coffee day. Not because anything is wrong. Not because I was out late last night. Not because I’m overly sleepy or cold. It just seems like a wonderful morning to relax with a cup of coffee. And I wasn’t done relaxing after my first cup was empty. So, with

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Clearly, I’m Not Cool

Celebrities are people, right? They may be more well-known because of their profession, but still just people. It’s a little silly to get star struck over seeing another person. I wouldn’t act weird around a celebrity. I would be cool. Then this happened: My ticket is scanned and I walk into the venue. A program

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