Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee

It is such a beautiful day to sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee together. It was my turn to bring the coffee. It is nice to enjoy the weather for a change and relax. We decided to meet at the park this time to soak in one of the rare warm days this time of year.

The park is full of people desperate to enjoy the warm sun. It makes everyone think spring is just around the corner. And it could be, but likely we will have several more days of inside coffee drinking.

Laughter drifting from the next table has us remembering something funny as well. Remember that time when…

Of course you do. How can we ever forget that night? Our own laughter mixes with the people next to us.

Two tables away is a man and woman leaning in and talking softly. They are both dressed casual, but nice. We conjure up a story about how they are star crossed lovers never destined to be together.

Who knows? Maybe it’s true.

This makes you think of a show we both watch. We discuss it a moment. I pour each of us another cup of coffee from the thermos I brought. The last.

Maybe they are on a secret mission and are meeting to discuss new information on the case?

Probably not.

Maybe they have been married for years and are taking some long deserved time for themselves?

Have you finished reading that book I recommended? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Maybe they are brother and sister and just don’t want others to hear what they are saying?

Maybe we should mind our own business.

I take a sip from my cup. One I bought from a local artist. My coffee is almost gone. It seems our time together is coming to an end. We must go our separate ways. Living our separate lives.

Until next time…

This post is inspired by a Blog Link Party I happened to find called #WeekendCoffeeShare hosted by Part-Time Monster. It is such a fun idea and I love coffee, so here is my first post. Enjoy! If you blog, join!

10 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee”

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  3. Thanks for the coffee. I like to make-up stories about the strangers who I see, so this was really fun. And to be outside on a sunny day, heavenly. So glad that we got together.

  4. Great story! Left me very curious about who it was you were having coffe with and made me want to call up an old friend have a fun outing!

  5. Please to meet you. I have been doing these posts for awhile and enjoy them. I try ti read each one and comment on it. My blog started as an accident and has taught me me a lot a the new technologies. I read a lot and write a review on every book I write. That started to give me something to do.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, Betty! Blogging certainly has a learning curve that I am still navigating. I didn’t expect to find such a wonderful blogging community when I started. It was a great surprise!

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