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Weekend Coffee: Farmer’s Market

We sit perched on a concrete wall separating the retail shops from the farmer’s market. We have the ideal spot as the sun warms our legs but our faces are shaded. The shade of the overhang makes it easy to watch people stroll through the market looking for their favorite local vegetables.

We both love to people watch and sip our coffee in silence, enjoying the morning though it is just slightly too chilly to be comfortable. The sun makes it almost bearable, but the wind challenges the sun’s warmth with its cold breath.  I am nibbling on a warm muffin. You weren’t hungry.

When I finish my muffin, we take our coffees and look at the goodies the vendors brought today. So many wonderful looking vegetables and fresh made breads and sweets. I love the farmer’s market and today it isn’t so crowded. The chill probably keeping a lot of people at home in their nice warm beds.

We chat about nothing. Comment on the produce. Gaze longingly at baked goods. Amazed by a purple potato. You have a list of items you want to buy. We pick up some lettuce, radishes, tomatoes, and new potatoes. You also select a cute little plant for a neglected pot on your deck.

When we decide we can brave the cold no more, we head back up to the car. It was an easy downhill walk going to the market, a not quite as easy uphill walk back. You get a little winded, but make the climb fairly well. Getting into the car we both sigh at the warmth collected inside. It feels good to be out of the cold.

It was a gorgeous morning to enjoy coffee and shopping, even if it was a little chilly. I drop you off at your house and make my way to my own, thinking it might be a good day for a run.

Until next time…

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