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Fitness Update: By the Seat of my Pants

There are few things I hate shopping for worse than pants. Most women might immediately respond with bathing suits, but I disagree. Life does not require bathing suits. You may not need one for years. But, pants, yeah, they are pretty much a necessity.

Women’s pants aren’t as straight forward as men’s. Men just go off of some measurements and call it good. Women must try to determine what size they are and even then it is a crap shoot. Every single pair of pants seem to be sized differently. It isn’t just a little variance either. It could be up to three or four sizes different. Seriously?

If that torture wasn’t enough, if you have any kind of bottom, you are subjected to the waist gap. You have to buy a larger pant size to fit your bottom, but then the waist doesn’t fit. Thankfully, this issue is starting to be addressed as manufacturers realize that some women have bottoms. Bottoms are now even being encouraged. I can’t tell you how many “How To” Pins I see on Pinterest about building a round butt.

Some might say that big bottoms were celebrated long before now with Sir Mix-A-Lot’s song, “Baby Got Back” (which, I cannot lie, is on my running playlist), but clothing makers took much longer to get on the bottom band wagon (I use the wagon idiom a lot in various forms, maybe I should look up its origins, or find a new idiom).

Unfortunately, this does not help the issue of pant sizes. Pant sizes still vary, just now you have to make sure whatever pant size you find is also curvy. It’s a nightmare.

I am increasing my pants torture by deciding to wear shorts this summer. I haven’t worn shorts outside my house for a few years, except while running. I’m just going to say it. Cellulite. Cellulite is why I don’t wear shorts. I guess when I run I just hope my legs are moving fast enough that people can’t see it, but then, I still jiggle.

I don’t know why it’s fine to wear shorts while running but not anywhere else.


I decided this summer, cellulite was not going to hold me hostage any longer. I bought a couple of pairs of shorts.

Guess what.

Waist gap.

It isn’t a horrible gap, so I am keeping the shorts because I love them other than that pesky little problem (and that they are shorts).

But, I run fairly consistently now, I lost inches around every place I measure, I built some muscle definition in my arms (which has nothing to do with shorts, but I want to mention it anyway), and I want to wear shorts.

I don’t want my sometimes shaky body image to dictate what I wear. I am breaking free and wearing what I want. I’ll fake it until the confidence comes. That’s what they say, right?

What are your fitness goals? Share your progress or any thoughts below!

13 thoughts on “Fitness Update: By the Seat of my Pants”

  1. Hi Everyday Scribe,
    Great to see you at the Blogger’s Pit Stop. Thanks for coming last week. I agree with what you wrote about pants. I can’t buy them online. Too difficult.

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  3. I have been buying guys jeans since I was in high school because I have a small butt and I’m built more like a telephone pole than May West. Most women’s jeans are too big around the but and do not fit well. Mens jeans fit beautifully and can be gotten for way less than women’s jeans. As for shorts, I have to buy women’s and its a crap shoot as to whether it will fit.

    1. I just bought a pair of shorts yesterday that should have fit in theory. Yeah, they didn’t. I may buy more pants if it wasn’t so difficult. They are hurting the economy by making it hard. Thanks for stopping by, Lee!

  4. OMG, I thought is was just me with the pants problem. To add to my big butt, I raise you a very high waist and long legs. Sound sexy, not so much. Congratulations on your fitness success!

  5. I So hear you! I hate shopping for pants! I either have waist gap or muffin top, neither of which I really dig. I even just went on vacation and found a really cute skort so I wouldn’t have to do the whole shorts thing. Love your post!

    1. I can’t believe I didn’t mention the muffin top problem! I wear skirts a lot to avoid shorts, but I am going to walk on the wild side. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!

  6. To lose about 15 pounds this summer and increase my steps by 10,000 by the end of summer. I’ve lost more inches than pounds, but because I was diagnosed as having diabetes, I now am watching everything that goes in my mouth. My biggest love is carbs but hearing that carbs break down into sugar has me reading everything and making better food choices.

    1. I am a firm believer that the scale is only one indicator of health, and not always the most important. Congratulations on losing inches! That is what makes a difference, in my humble opinion. Good luck with your goals! You’ll get there.

  7. I understand this completely, although I hate all clothes shopping (I know gasp and I am female, other stereotype blown), pants are most annoying, you described it so well.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog party, pop by as often as you’d like and leave as many links as you’d like – my blogdoor is always open. 🙂
    Hope this week is treating you well. 🙂

    1. I agree! Clothes shopping is horrible. I hate everything about it. Really, I am not fond of any kind of shopping. Guess we are both breaking down the female stereotype. Go us!

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