Stories of an Everyday Runner

Stories of an Everyday Runner: Time to Run

I must start this post with a warning:

Do not try this at home!

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s start the post.

Finding time for a run is difficult sometimes. If I want to continue running and stay disciplined about it, I have to run most days, whether I want to or not. If I skip a day I should be running, I tend to not run a second day, then a third…

You get the picture.

One day last week I found the only time I had time to run was smack dab in the middle of the day.

During a heat advisory.

And an air quality warning.

I gave up my gym membership a while ago, so I decided to brave the temperatures and low air quality and run outside. I run outside during the hot part of the day often. I would just take it easy and see how it goes. I filled my water bottle and headed out.

As I was walking down my driveway, my neighbor stopped me and asked, “You are going for a walk, are you?”

Me: “Actually, I’m going for a run.”

Neighbor: “It is too hot for a run.”

Me: “It is hot! I’m just going to run a quick two miles.”

Neighbor: “Oh. Well, good for you!”

Me: “Thanks!”

I walked on to the main street and started my run. Even with the weather challenges, it was a fairly decent run. I made it the two miles and returned home.

When I walked in, I made a bee-line to the cabinet for a glass to make some ice cold water. Room temperature water is supposed to absorb faster in the body, but I really, and I mean REALLY, wanted cold water.

Laying it all out on the pavement and coming back drenched from the effort of exerting yourself to your limits is cleansing both body and soul.

I love running in the heat because of that feeling.

When do you like to run?

I want to hear from you!