Stories of an Everyday Runner

Stories of an Everyday Runner: Wildlife

I usually don’t travel very far to run. It seems silly to get in a car and drive somewhere when I can run wherever I am. But, one day I found myself near a lake I’ve run a couple of times before and I already had on my running clothes, so I think it was meant to be.

It is a nice place to run. It’s well used, but not overly crowded with a paved, fairly level path. Plus it is by a lake and outside, so pretty darn near perfect.

I start running and just started getting into a good rhythm, when I am forced to stop. I mean I came to a dead stop. Not another step was taken.

There was a snake on the path.

My first response to seeing the snake was awe. Honestly, it has been a while since I have seen one and I was a safe distance away. “Safe distance” is probably 5 feet from my toes. I didn’t feel in danger, so, of course, I pulled out my phone to snap a photo.

Everyday Runner: Wildlife
Ribbon Snake

It must have sensed me because all of a sudden it takes off slithering sideways away from me and across the path. I caught it just as it was making its way to the edge and into the growth on the other side. After I couldn’t see it anymore, I continued on my run.

It was clear the snake was more afraid of me than I was of it, but it didn’t stop me from slightly hesitating every time I saw a twig on the path. That snake wasn’t dangerous, but I didn’t want to tempt fate with one that was. Hyper vigilant, I ran on down the path.

The rest of the way to the street was pretty uneventful and half the way back was as well. I passed an occasional walker or person fishing. Just a nice, calm day at the lake.

Then, I saw something else. This time it was much bigger than a snake. At first I thought it was a Crane, but I think it was a Heron. Perhaps you can tell me.

Stories of an Everyday Runner - Heron Wildlife
A Blue Heron?

Again, it was so close, but when I started to get my phone out to capture it on film, or memory card, it flew away. Thankfully, it didn’t fly away too far and I was able to take a picture. It was pretty amazing to see its wing span as it moved farther down the bank.

After watching it a couple minutes longer (really it was probably seconds), I ran off. Just around the next bend had my next encounter with wildlife. It took the form of a wild turkey.

Really, I’m not sure if it was a turkey. It looked like a turkey, but I could be wrong. I ran by it before deciding I should take a photo of it, too. Turning back, it had made its way into the foliage, so I wasn’t able to get a very good picture, or see it very well anymore.

Stories of an Everyday Runner - Turkey
Maybe a turkey…

Moving on along the path, I saw a bunny. I know bunnies aren’t that uncommon, but by this time I was on wildlife alert. It felt wrong not to take a picture of the bunny after taking photos of the other creatures I encountered during my run so, here it is.

Stories of an Everyday Runner - Bunny
Bunny! I will name him George.

It was odd to see so many interesting things all in one run. It made the run more fun and decided to go back the next day. It must have been a one time thing because nothing out of the ordinary made an appearance on day two. Even the bunnies were hiding.

What is your running preference: streets, paved paths, or trails?

4 thoughts on “Stories of an Everyday Runner: Wildlife”

  1. I run sometimes…. and snakes give me the heebeejeebies, I think its because they have no legs… i dont like big snakes, little snakes and twigs that look like snakes

    1. It was the twigs that had me hesitant to put my feet in front of each other after I saw the snake. The snake didn’t bother me. Keep running and thanks for reading!

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