Fitness Update

Fitness Update: Motivation

As I travel along on my fitness journey, I can’t help but think about what motivates me. I mean, I am far from the perfect fitness example. I don’t run every day and I don’t eat what is good for me all the time.

Seriously, how can you go through summer without ice cream?

So, what makes me hit the pavement after taking a couple of days off? Why do I eat a healthy salad after eating a chocolate chip cookie (my other sweet weakness)?

In past posts, I talk about my motivation. Sure, I want to look good. I want the number on the scale to go down. I want to need a little less measuring tape. But, if I was only in it for the looks, I would have given up a long time ago.

That said, I am fairly certain the reason I couldn’t talk myself out of running today was because I am finally seeing decreasing numbers on the scale. I don’t want that to change.

Here in lies the problem.

I want to lose weight as part of my overall fitness plan, but I do not want it to be the main reason I lace up my sneaks. If I rely on the number on the scale as the reason, which could work for now, what will motivate me to continue running once I lose all the weight I need?

I go back to my original question. What motivates me to keep moving along on this fitness journey? More importantly, if it is the positive results I see from my efforts, what will keep me going once I reach my goals? The maintenance stage is where a lot of people have problems. No longer do you see results or have goals to attain.

It is easy to stay on the fitness journey (with a few ice cream pit stops), when you have something to work toward. It is just as easy to stray off the journey once you find your destination.

We all have to find motivation beyond the numbers on the scale or the lost inches around your waist, also known as tangible results. Maintaining weight isn’t as glamorous as losing weight.

If my main motivation is to get and stay healthy, I shouldn’t be using the scale as a reason for stepping out the door. Frankly, I will use whatever causes me to put on my running shoes, for now.

What motivates you to stay on your fitness journey?

I want to hear from you!