July 2016

Developing Your Eye: Day Two – Street

Today’s theme is street. My photo might be better described as sidewalk. There weren’t many cars on the street, but when they came, they came fast. I didn’t want to risk my life to get the shot by standing in the middle of the road.

I’m too nice

I am too nice. I keep my opinions to myself. I smile and nod, You think I agree Though I may not. It’s called active listening, Perhaps you should try it. Too much talking; Not enough learning; Not enough understanding. So much, too much judgement. Where is our compassion? I have opinions, Several as a …

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Developing Your Eye: Day One – Home

A new segment begins today, which just happens to coincide with a WordPress class I am taking: Developing Your Eye. Photography is one of my hobbies, so I plan to have a little fun and bring you along. This segment is a series of ten photos, posted consecutively over the next several days. Each day, …

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Fitness Update

Fitness Update: Motivation

As I travel along on my fitness journey, I can’t help but think about what motivates me. I mean, I am far from the perfect fitness example. I don’t run every day and I don’t eat what is good for me all the time. Seriously, how can you go through summer without ice cream? So, …

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