Stories of an Everyday Runner

Stories of an Everyday Runner: Street Views

My 10k training app said it was a Long Run day. When I see the words long run, I think 10 miles or more. Which is completely ridiculous, since I am training to run six, or 6.2 to be exact.

Still, those two words scared me for a moment, until I saw the “Long Run” was only 3.6 miles.

I regularly run 3 miles, though the training app tells me to run shorter distances most days. I can run up to four miles fairly easily, sometimes five. When I ran five miles a couple of times in March or April, I decided I could run my first 10k (my first race was a half marathon).

I mapped out a four mile route even though I only needed to run 3.6. It was so nice out and nice, cool days are hard to come by in my area in July. I wanted to take advantage of the weather. The only problem with my route was it was one way. I needed to find someone to pick me up at the other end and bring me home. Sure, I could have run two miles out and two miles back, but I wanted new scenery. It is kind of boring seeing the same thing twice.

So, with my ride secured, my water bottle filled, and my workout started on my app, I headed out. The first leg of my route is old territory. I run it often. The new part would start at about 1.5 miles.

“New” is kind of a misleading word. It wasn’t actually new territory. I drive these streets often. I know these roads well, but I have never run them. That part is new.

It is a completely different experience running the street versus driving it. I made this observation before, but in reverse. I often walk around downtown and know the streets well, but when I drive, the roads seem to take on a different personality and I get turned around easily. It is so odd.

I wasn’t in danger of getting lost, but the street view was very different than the one I see while driving. Details lost to driver are obvious to the runner.

I can’t even begin to guess at the number of times I’ve driven over one particular bridge. I knew it crossed over the railroad tracks, but they are hard to see because of the trees, especially in the summer. Running across the bridge, I not only saw the railroad tracks, I also saw what looked like a storm drain. I had no idea it was there, but clearly someone does. Graffiti covered the concrete surrounding the drain. I felt like I discovered a secret.  A secret only those that escape the confines of their vehicle can find.

What street level secrets have you found?

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4 thoughts on “Stories of an Everyday Runner: Street Views”

  1. Running is such a great way to discover things you would never see from a car. I love to do it when I travel especially. Thanks for sharing at the Blogger’s Pit Stop.

  2. The thing I notice most when traveling on foot or two wheels, is how fragrant the trees and flowers have been this spring and early summer! Makes me very happy!

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