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Weekend Coffee: Too Much in my Brain

My brain has been whirring with thoughts this week. Because of that and the lateness of the hour, perhaps we should have herbal tea tonight. Maybe a nice chamomile? And don’t mind me if I fall asleep during our chat. I’m really not bored, just sleepy. Sleep is hard to come by when your mind doesn’t take a break.

You’d think it would need a nap as hard as it’s been working.

My head is so busy, in part, because I have been busy. My to-do list keeps growing and I’m not crossing items off my list as fast as I want. That moment of satisfaction when you are finally able to draw a line through something on your list is pretty amazing. Don’t you agree?

Perhaps what has occupied the valuable space in my brain even more than my to-do list are the many blog post ideas that float around in there. I have so many ideas, but for some reason I can’t pull them into a full post. They just bump into each other and jet off in another direction before they can firmly take root.

A lot of ideas get lost somewhere in my noggin before I can even write them down.

So, how have I handled this jumbled mess of rootless ideas? I wrote nothing.

I know. You don’t have to say it. I must write to keep the ideas coming. It is my only hope to stop them from playing hide and go seek.

That’s why I’m here, past my bedtime, drinking chamomile tea, and chatting with you. I thought about missing our weekly chat, but when it came right down to it, I couldn’t do it. I enjoy hanging with the coffee crew each week.

Tomorrow is another day. Or, so I’ve heard. Whether the words come willingly, or I have to force them to inch their way onto the page, I will be writing.

Until next time…

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