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Weekend Coffee: Nourish

I pour coffee from a fresh pot. I love seeing the dark swirl around with the light creamer. It is like a dance. Once we have our coffees we settle in for an outdoor chat. Clouds pass overhead protecting us from the full force of the sun’s rays. The wind pushes some of the humidity away.

I tell you about a new online photography class I’m taking through WordPress. Several other bloggers I follow are as well. It is fun to see how everyone interprets the theme of the day differently. So far we have taken photos with the themes of home, street, and water.

The last theme, water, came at a good time. I was upset about a few things. In my first writing of Weekend Coffee, I threw my coffee mug across the room. I didn’t want to publish that version because anger and violence only begets more anger and violence.

Instead, I focused on the photography theme for the day. I wondered what I might photograph for “water.” I took a few good shots the other day when it rained, but I was told by a fellow blogger it would be cheating to use a photo I already took. With that picture disqualified, I continued thinking about water. I didn’t want to simply take a photo of water. I wanted it to mean something a bit more.

Then, I got an idea. Water, like people, can be supportive and vital or destructive and deadly. I have had enough of destructive and deadly over the last several months (or years), so I opted for supportive and vital. That idea manifested into a photograph of water nourishing a plant. I could be unique and portray a positive idea.

Like water from a watering can, we can nourish each other. We can build each other up instead of tearing each other down. We can celebrate our differences and find common ground. We can learn about each other and respect each other.

As I finish my coffee and put my mug gently down on the table, I say it is everyone’s responsibility to nourish those around us like water feeding a plant. Not just today, but every day. I ask what you will do to nourish humanity.

Until next time…

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