Clearly, I’m Not Cool

Celebrities are people, right? They may be more well-known because of their profession, but still just people. It’s a little silly to get star struck over seeing another person. I wouldn’t act weird around a celebrity. I would be cool.

Then this happened:

My ticket is scanned and I walk into the venue. A program is shoved at me, so I take it and continue toward the seats. It’s still early so not many people are around yet. As I walk I flip through the pages of the program in my hand. I see a name, I stop in the middle of the walkway, and gasp.

Seriously, I gasped. In the middle of the walkway.

If this is my reaction to a name in a program, I can only imagine what it would be like if I ran into the actual person.

Clearly, I am not as cool as I thought.

4 thoughts on “Clearly, I’m Not Cool”

  1. Clearly I’m not cool, either! I heard about this story via text and my response was No way!? Omg! So Cool! (Like the license plate!)

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