The Unexpected Benefit of Tubeless Toilet Paper

For years the cardboard tube in the middle of a roll of toilet paper has confounded us. The empty tube has little use and is often discarded unless you are crafty or have kids. What do we do with it? Toilet paper manufacturers responded by creating tubeless toilet paper and advertise it as a way to reduce waste.

Sure, tubeless toilet paper reduces waste, but I am here to tell you of another unexpected benefit of tubeless toilet paper.

Apparently, it is too difficult to remove the old cardboard tube in order to replace it with a full tube of toilet paper. This scenario has been the source for jokes, contention, and even a scene in a TV sitcom. Most of the time the irritation has been directed at men because they are “too lazy” to replace the toilet paper, but I have to confess.

I am guilty, too.

I am one who puts the new roll of toilet paper on the counter. There. I admit it. I am too lazy to remove the empty toilet paper tube and replace it.

Whew. I feel better.

But, that all changed when I purchased my first roll of tubeless toilet paper. When the toilet paper was gone, I replaced it. I put a new roll on the toilet paper holder. And it didn’t just happen once. It happened again when the next roll was empty and then again and again.

I am sensing a trend.

Based on this very scientific experiment, I can only draw one conclusion. It was the empty cardboard tube that caused all the problems. That one extra step of removing the old to make way for the new was simply too much. You can probably read more into that, but I am sticking with just toilet paper.

Have you used tubeless toilet paper? Have you found any hidden benefits?

10 thoughts on “The Unexpected Benefit of Tubeless Toilet Paper”

  1. What do you think it is that compels you to now change the roll? Do tell. I’m happy to convert — just wnat to know if my family will partake in such a task. #BloggersPitStop

    1. I have given this a lot of thought and I cannot come up with a definitive answer. Is it simply because I truly am just that lazy? Is it because the tube is unnecessary waste even if it is recycled? I just don’t know. All I know is the paper makes it on to the holder when there is no tube involved. If you try it, let me know how it turns our with your family! Thanks for reading, Lisa!

  2. I have not even seen tubeless toilet paper! I am usually the one who replaces the roll, but the big experiment would be to see if it would have that effect on my husband. Of course, he’d probably put it upside down and I’d have to change it anyway. Thanks for sharing at the Blogger’s Pit Stop.

  3. That is really funny, and yes an unexpected benefit! What a creative blog post too. I just heard that they were making tubeless toilet paper last week. I’m definitely going to look for it. Will save a lot of trees!

    You might consider addressing the controversy over whether toilet paper should hang over or under the roll. I think you would enjoy the post I wrote on that topic last year.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting such nice things, Karuna! Also, thank you for sharing your post on the over/under controversy. Love it! I was considering writing about that as well, but I will just direct any readers to you. Great post!

  4. That is deep. Now I wonder when the create the tubeless Paper towel? This could create a whole new marketing campaign. Maybe I should copyright this? I could make millions. Nah, sounds like too much work. Thanks for the fun post.

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