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Weekend Coffee: Contemplating a New Genre

Today is a two cup of coffee day. Not because anything is wrong. Not because I was out late last night. Not because I’m overly sleepy or cold. It just seems like a wonderful morning to relax with a cup of coffee. And I wasn’t done relaxing after my first cup was empty.

So, with my second cup of coffee in hand, let’s chat.

Wait, let me put my coffee cup down. I can’t type very fast one handed.

Ok. Now let’s chat.

I’ve always written flash fiction (which I always called vignettes) and poetry. The only time I wrote something very long was when I was forced to in school. I wrote short stories because I didn’t have the patience to write anything longer.

Then, last year, I wrote over 15,000 words. After writing that much, I decided I didn’t like the direction the story was going and it meant I would have to change some basic parts and ultimately a complete rewrite.

The experience wasn’t a total loss though. I learned I could write something longer. I practiced writing without editing along the way. Overall, though the story is not complete or one that I even like, the experience empowered me in a way.

Since then, I’ve been distracted from writing, but never quit thinking about the story I wanted to write. Lately, I’ve been thinking about writing in a genre I really had no desire to read, let alone write. It seems odd to me that I would even consider it. But, here I am, thinking about writing within the non-fiction realm.

I attribute the new found interest in this genre with finding a couple of very compelling stories that make me want to keep picking up the book. It seems like a completely different path from the one I was on, but it really isn’t that much of a departure. I want to write stories about people, about their lives, loves, and struggles. Why couldn’t it be about a real person or a real event?

Do you read or write non-fiction? What are your thoughts?

Until next time…

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