Dancing in September

The hot, humid days are making their fickle transition to the crisp, breezy days of fall. Though fall does not officially start for a few weeks, the first day of September brings the promise of brilliant color and pumpkin everything just around the corner.

September has me looking forward to the magic of autumn, while I mourn the passing of the long, sultry days of summer. For years I said I loved all seasons equally. Only recently did fall begin to slightly squeak out ahead of the other three, but it didn’t diminish my love for them. Each season provides something to love, at least for me.

Winter: Snow. The hush that blankets the world. Bundling up by a fire. Layering to venture out in the cold. Gingerly stepping in search of ice. Warm drinks in cold hands.

Spring: Warmer weather. Removing some layers and enjoying the fresh air. Relaxing rain showers. Flowers springing up wherever they take a notion. Planting gardens.

Summer: Long, hot, sunny days. Playing in the water, splishing and splashing. Warm evenings watching lightning bugs. Exploring and traveling. Early mornings before the sun heats the day.

Fall: The crisp air and fresh morning breezes. Leaves turning from green to red and yellow. Fiery colors floating to the ground. Pumpkin delights and hot apple cider. Harvests and hay. Bonfires and hot chocolate.

Of course all seasons have their challenges as well. I don’t particularly like driving in the snow. I have a love/hate relationship with storms. The heat can be dangerous. You know. I can’t think of a single thing I don’t like about fall. Perhaps that is why it is my favorite.

Which season is your favorite? What makes it your favorite?

As a side note: This post has the distinguished honor of being my 100th post on this blog. Thank you for reading and cheers to 100 more!

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