Magical Mountains Above Samara, Costa Rica

The sun just begins to light the sky when the call of howler monkeys rouses me from my sleep to join them outside. I make a cup of hot tea and let it steep as I walk the few feet from my front door to the outdoor table by the pool. The breeze through the patio area makes the morning perfect. The breeze and the howler monkeys.

It has been a full year since I sat on this patio at Casa Rio Montaña, and it wasn’t until I arrived back at this beautiful house in the mountains above Sámara, Costa Rica that I knew how much I missed it. The magic I felt during my first visit last year was not lost, it was even stronger. The howler monkeys call from the branches welcoming me back like an old friend and I am happy to be among them.

It isn’t long until rays of sunlight break through the trees. Today, I will visit the quiet beaches. I can see the ocean from the patio and it is only a short drive away. Perhaps in the busier summer months the beaches along the west coast of Costa Rica are full of tourists, but now, at the beginning of the rainy season, the waves run up on the sand just for me and a handful of others. It is as if the beaches of Sámara are a private paradise.

The rainy season brings what you might expect – rain. It rains almost every day during this time, but not for very long. Often, it conveniently rains in the morning, or late evening, or even when I decide I need a nap. Casa Rio Montaña has a wonderful hammock for napping on the wrap-around patio. Relaxing in the hammock with the rain steadily falling is one of my favorite ways to pass an hour or so until the rain subsides and the next adventure awaits.

Some of the restaurants along the beach close the beginning of October, but it simply provides the perfect excuse to shop at one of the local grocery stores and use the fully equipped kitchen at the house. Food tastes better when created with friends and eaten at the poolside table or packed and taken to the beach.

It won’t be long before my visit comes to an end. I must bid the howler monkeys goodbye. It never seems like enough time here.  The magic of this place will call me back again, I’m sure.

*Disclosure: The hosts of Casa Rio Montaña do not know I am writing this post, nor am I receiving anything in return. They are very good friends of mine and I know they will welcome you to visit as they welcome me. Go. Let the magic of this place infuse your spirit. Watch for more posts about my time in Costa Rica. Follow me on Instagram for more photos!

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