Weekend Coffee Share: Let it snow!

People fall into three categories: I hate snow. I like snow if I don’t have to drive in it. I LOVE snow! I fall in the last category, which is perfect since the view over my computer screen is a picturesque view of snow covered woods.

You may be of the I-like-it-if-don’t-have-to-drive variety, so I am sitting here alone drinking my tea because I am, again, off the coffee. Before a couple of months ago, I hadn’t had any coffee for more than two years. Now, I will drink it on occasion, but I digress.

I used to only like snow when I didn’t have to drive, but now I just love it. Sure, it causes delays and inconveniences, and sure, it forces me to do some exercise by way of shoveling the walk, but it is beautiful. While driving around today, I couldn’t help but watch the scenery of trees laden heavy with powder go by my window. All I could think about was the fleeting beauty. Can you tell I am feeling a bit poetic right now?

Branches crouch under the weight of the fallen snow.  

White blankets cover the grounds.

Mother Nature’s icy touch is fleeting

So, we must experience the wonder while it’s here.

Poetry and prose are very different, and I am more comfortable with the latter, which is why it is even more important to try to force my brain to think differently on occasion. Besides, what better time to think poetically than when you have a nice cuppa tea, a blank page on a computer screen, and snow-covered trees outside the window?

For now, I must bid you adieu. Until next time…

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    1. Sorry for my delayed response, your comment was stuck in my spam! Thank you for reading! It is so cozy to be indoors on a snowy day, but I also like playing in the snow.

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