Tales from a Reiki Rookie

Tales from a Reiki Rookie: Part Two

I climbed up the stairs to the “Angel Loft” in search of the open Reiki session taking place in a downtown temple. I’m coming in a bit later in the open hours, so I hope I will be able to participate. I walk in the room and someone else is on the table. I stop, not wanting to disturb the quiet space and see a lady sitting at the table near the entryway.

She mouths to me to go ahead and sign in. She says there is one person after the current one, then she is next, then me. I feel like I am intruding on the energy of the room so I pad slowly out of the room to wait my turn somewhere else. This experience is already vastly different than the one I had with the Reiki practitioner in my previous post. I start to get nervous that I will miss my opportunity if I am not in the room, so a quietly make my way back into the room and find somewhere to sit

It is finally my turn. I lay on the table and four practitioners move to my side, one on each side and one at my head and one at my feet. I close my eyes and try to meditate on relaxation and healing. After what feels like only a couple of minutes, but more likely ten, my session is complete, without them ever even touching me.

With my second session complete, I feel I can share with you some impressions about the two experiences.

A few thoughts:

  1. The first session, in conjunction with a massage, was very different than a Reiki only session. This observation could also be because the first session had one practitioner and the second had four. If you are new to the experience, I recommend you start with a Reiki only session as it will allow you to focus all your energy on, well, the energy.
  2. I went into the first session believing I wouldn’t feel anything, but I was wrong. What I felt is a bit difficult to explain. It was kind of like a whoosh feeling out the top of my head.
  3. I am convinced the “whoosh” from my first session opened up my mind so I can now remember my dreams again. I lost that ability for a while. As a writer, I get a lot of ideas from my dreams, so I’m glad I can remember them more often now.
  4. Because of my experience from my first session, I expected to feel something during my second and I did. Instead of the “whoosh,” it felt more like energy in my muscles. It was a hum, similar to a hum of electricity, starting in my shoulders and moving down to my right elbow. After it left my elbow, it began in both knees then moved up and down my legs.

Each session is personal to the individual, so I cannot say what type of experience you will have or what will be your outcomes, if any. I am happy with the experiences I had and will probably go back again during the open sessions. They are more economical than a dedicated session with a Reiki practitioner. I am relaxed during the session and feel energized afterward, so even if it does nothing else, there is benefit in that.

Have you gone? What was your experience?  

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