Pattern - Still a mystery

Patterns Part Two: A Mystery Still

A while ago, I wrote about an envelope I found on the sidewalk near where I work. It was such an odd find since the envelope appeared to be about 40 years old from a prominent pattern creator of the time, and it was just in the middle of the sidewalk like any other piece of litter you might come across. After some minor sleuthing, I got a lead on locating the person to whom the envelope was addressed and promised you all I would update you on the progress. After months of no response from the contact who found the son of the addressee, I gave up.

I’ve decided to open the envelope and make the outfit. I love vintage clothing and it shouldn’t be a problem to find some cool fabric and get all the supplies I need. The challenge will be that I do not sew, not even a little bit!

I open the envelope, pull out the pattern, and am crestfallen. It never occurred to me I would not like the pattern in the envelope, but I don’t. Since I would never wear the clothes secreted in this envelope for 40 years, I cannot justify spending the money and energy creating something just to write a “Pinterest Fail” type of post, which it most certainly would be. The search for the owner was anti-climatic, and now the follow-up post is as well.

As a final attempt to create a follow-up post for the mystery pattern, I am going to give it away. It seems a shame to simply recycle it because even though I do not want it, it is interesting and has its own story. I would like to give it new life by giving it to someone who will love it and appreciate it. Perhaps it is your style, or you want to make it for a costume, or maybe you are a collector of all things vintage.

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Thanks for following the journey and good luck!

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