Weekend Chats

Weekend Chats: Telling the Stories of Amazing People

Blogging isn’t just about me sharing with you my experiences, opinions, thoughts, whatever. It is a community. A community of artists across all genres and mediums. I am humbled to be among some wonderful people, so I wanted to start featuring some of them on my little corner of the Internet.

Some of these amazing people I have known for years, some I got to know better through blogging, but every single person has a story to tell and I want to help them tell their story. Possibly spread the word about what they are doing.

I was recently told that there are already a lot of writers out there, implying that I had a lot of competition. It’s true, I do, but I have just as many opportunities for collaboration. I will be a success if others around me are also successful. We are all in this together, whether we are competitors or friends – and I would rather be friends.

December 14, 2019 is the first post about one of my friends, and she truly is a friend from long before either of us started writing online. She is followed by a few more friends, all of which I’ve known a while.

I’m calling this series, “Weekend Chats.” I used to do a series called “Weekend Coffee Share” and I have a soft spot for it, so I want to bring it back in a way through this series. Now, we can have coffee and I can introduce you to my friends. I love bringing people together!

If you would like to be featured in this series, please use my Contact Me page and tell me your story. Provide me with links to your website and social media profiles.  

Thank you!

I want to hear from you!