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Your Story Matters

An interviewee for a future “Weekend Chats” asked me a question before we began. She asked:

What do you hope to achieve by doing these interviews?

My response was, “Well, you clearly didn’t read my blog,” and I laughed, but I responded with:

I want to help lift others up. I want to tell the stories of everyday people who do amazing things. They are inspiring because they are living their life, following their dreams, and creating communities.

Since we hung up the phone, her question has been rolling around in my mind. Weekend Chats began as a way for me to share the stories of people I admire, but I realize now it is how I formed my vision for EverydayScribe.

I’ve been soul searching about my business and my vision and goals for it. This website, originally a simple blog, has been in existence since 2015, but it languished and was neglected often because I didn’t have clear goals. My entire blog/website was about writing and sharing my words with the world. What I lacked was a clear reason of why I wrote.

I was coming to writing from a selfish place. I wanted to be a great writer, be a published author. Live the life of a writer. But I didn’t want to do the work. Now, I understand that I was writing for the wrong reasons. I tried to write “what sells” and I lost my voice. I still want to be a great writer and live the writer’s life, but more than that, I want to tell stories and I want to help you tell your stories.

You have a story to tell. Allow me to help you tell it.

Thanks to a few chance encounters (or were they?) and some wonderful guidance from books and articles, I know my writing purpose. I am going back to my roots – way back before blogging, or even computers, was a thing.

My story matters. Your story matters. Everyone’s story matters.

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