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Weekend Chats: DJSumLove

“The basis of life is absolute freedom. The objective of life is absolute joy. The result of life is absolute growth.” ~Abraham Hicks

If you hear boisterous laughter, you might be in the presence of Erin Bopp. Her bright smile and natural enthusiasm for life is contagious. A little bit Diva and a lot Hip Hop, she’s mastered the art of self-care, which allows her to care for other people and work to bring joy into their lives through music and moisturizer.

Importance of self-care

Erin is motivated by an inner drive that keeps propelling her forward, and inspired by others who are acting upon their dreams and desires. It was this motivation to keep moving forward that lead her to Abraham Hicks. “I wouldn’t have seeked out something that seems weird to me, but I stumbled upon it when I was looking for something else for a friend. I heard the woman speak and thought, ‘This woman knows what’s up!’ I looked around at other people and saw that they are growing and thought, ‘I want to grow like that as well.’”

Part of growing is to practice self-care. Some actions are fundamental, she says. The concrete foundational actions of self-care are eating right, sleeping the number of hours that is right for you, quite time, time with friends, etc. She also practices self-care by reading about exploring the inner self and dancing. “Dancing is my favorite thing to do!”

Sharing music to bring joy

DJSumLove at an Out of the Blue Dance Party

It is no wonder that her love of music and dance led her to become a DJ. If you live in Kansas City, you might have heard her mixing tunes at one of the alcohol-free dance parties she hosts as part of Out of the Blue. Before the pandemic, you could either find her at one of the Out of the Blue parties, or at various other parties around town as DJSumLove.

Her desire to play music isn’t just because of her love of music, though. It stemmed from seeing others happy which feeds her soul. She noticed how people reacted to her when she put on her headphones and started dancing – anywhere. She’d be on the street and start dancing. The reaction she got from others and the smile her dancing put on their faces brought her joy and a sense that “we are all in this together.”

The feeling of joy and togetherness brought her to begin Out of the Blue. She wanted a space that was just about the music, not about drinking, so she created these alcohol-free dance parties. People of all ages are welcome to enjoy a little food, a little dance, and a lot of fun.

DJSumLove creates LightworkDJMobileverse

What began as a simple venture into joy and music developed into a full-fledged DJing business. Together with her fiancé, Erin began LightworkDJMobileverse. They do the regular DJ type parties like weddings, parties, corporate events, but there are a few things that make this DJ company different from others. Every gig they do supports a local Kansas City non-profit that helps people in recovery from addictions and helps fund Out of the Blue dance parties. The DJ gigs also support a mobile dance van that will go around the city and the suburbs to create impromptu dance parties while also training women to be DJs.

“I love seeing people light up around me. That is what motivates me. I love seeing regular people moving their bodies together. It brings me so much joy! I want to facilitate joyful moments for everybody.”

Since the pandemic, her dance parties have gone virtual. Every week or so she hosts live dance parties on Facebook. Just follow DJSumLove to participate.

Already winning awards

LightworkDJMobileverse was just awarded $3,000 through the new Dare to Venture Micro-Grant Competition funded by the City of Kansas City, MO and administered by the University of Missouri – Kansas City Innovation Center. Read more about the competition and watch Erin’s video entry.

Sharing her passions

As if all this wasn’t fabulous enough, she also started another business called Straight Up Shea’d Up where she sells moisturizers made by women that are sustainably sourced. It started out as a personal quest for the perfect moisturizer she could feel good about, but it turned into a business when she felt she had to share her love of this moisturizer with the world. “I’ve always wanted my own business and I have that entrepreneurial spirit.”

Now Erin owns, not one but two businesses because of her passion for bringing joy to others. “Things come to you when you’re ready and when it’s time.”

And, it is certainly Erin’s time!

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All photos and videos used with permission from LightworkDJMobileverse.

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