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New Video Content Series Introduction

As I promised my EverydayScribe email community, I am providing more content, and one of the ways I am providing more content is by getting in front of the camera and talking. Why is talking to a camera so hard? It is much more difficult than talking to a room full of students!

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If you don’t get my emails, you missed out on my declaration of using my skills as a writer, poet, and educator to help provide the best content I can to help you meet your goals, both professionally and personally. I wrote about it a little bit here as well. Besides these videos and thought-provoking articles, I am also working on books, both digital and print. I will introduce ways you could support these efforts in the coming weeks.

Share any ideas you have about what you would like to see from EverydayScribe in the comments or email me.

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Thank you for being here. Happy creating!

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