Year: 2020

Photo of a sidewalk going uphill with the words: My aimless wandering was really mindless."

My Aimless Wandering Was Really Mindless

Robert Frost would have us believe that there are only two paths (according to traditional thoughts about the famous poem). One that everyone follows and the other only a select few traverse. I always wanted to be one of the select few who took the road less traveled. In some ways, I suppose I am …

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Photo of flowers and journal with a phone featuring the cover of Love in the City

Book Review: Love in the City by Jen Morris

Love in the City by Jen Morris checks all the boxes of a good romance novel. Alex, the main character, is cute and likeable. Michael, the love interest Alex literally runs into, is sexy and thoughtful. They are everything you want in a traditional romance with New York City as their playground, it is the perfect trifecta.

Graphic explaining when to put commas and periods inside quotation marks and the difference between American grammar and British grammar.

What Punctuation Taught Me About Changing Your Mind

As a university student, my professors often pointed out my error when I put the period or comma outside the quotation marks. It happened several times before I learned my lesson. Then, later as a professor myself, I often pointed out to my students that periods and commas always go inside the quotes. It almost …

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Background is a messily erased chalkboard and in the lower right corner is "And Justice for all?" written in a font that kind of looks like white chalk.

And Justice for All?

The words of the United States Pledge of Allegiance rolled off my tongue so easily as a child. I said the words almost without thought, a Pavlovian response to the bell indicating school had begun. Now, a parallel forms between, “justice for all,” and “all lives matter.” Both are said with an idealism that we …

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Dark gray background with light colored vertical bars with "Comfort Zone" written in bold black letters

My Comfort Zone is Really a Cage

As a woman, particularly as a white woman, I have been socialized to get along with others. I learned this from my parents, from my teachers, from friends and family, and from the media. Women are supposed to be supportive caregivers. The idea that we must go along to get along is the first bar …

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