Month: March 2021

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How I Learned I was a Writer

“It was a night like this one — the worst night of my life.” When I heard those words come out of my 5th grade teacher’s mouth, I was elated. They were my words. Words I wrote for a writing assignment. Words she selected to share with the class. The story was about a bear …

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Night Forest in the Flint Hills

A short story The city melts away and large expanses of land fill my view as I speed down I-70 heading for a weekend in the Flint Hills. My library book rests on the passenger seat begging for me to open the cover to reveal the magic contained on the pages. Just me, a book, …

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Books surrounding the text: Book discussion series: Who Moved My Cheese

Book Discussion: Who Moved My Cheese

I was introduced to Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson, MD several years ago via a text from a friend. It said, “So, every day they went to Cheese Station C, found no cheese, and returned home, carrying their worries and frustrations with them.”

When I receive a random quote text, I immediately determine where it came from and how I can learn more. The book is short and could easily be read in a few lunch breaks, but the message is big and can be applied to all areas of life.

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Why Wait to Live the Life You Want?

We get conflicting messages. We read about people who quit their day job and began a writing career or moved to some exotic locale and they are happier than they have ever been. Then we read about how you must save and invest for the future. Continue slogging away at a job you may not …

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Photo of books with the words, "What is the value of a Book?"

What is the Value of a Book?

As a writer and as a reader, I have been struggling with something. What is the value of a book? Of course I would say books are priceless, but what are we really willing to pay? Let me set the scene… Browsing along the shelves of a stationary shop on a cold January day, I …

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