Desk with papers and a typewriter with the text: Three things I love about being a writer

Top Three Reasons Why I Love Being a Writer

I’ve known I was a writer since the fifth grade. That knowledge waned a little when the real world snuck in and told me that writing was not a practical profession. Writing wasn’t encouraged or supported. Learning how to type and crunch numbers were much more marketable skills, so I pushed my Writer Identity down into the deep shadows of my mind. It lived there, almost forgotten except for the few lines of poetry I would scribble or the vignette (flash fiction) I would scratch out on the back of a phone message sheet.

Now that I have found my way back to fully embracing being a writer, among all the other skills and experiences I have in my repertoire, I can share the top three reasons why I love being a writer.


I love doing research and learning about new things or learning more about things I think I know. We are often told we must niche, but what does that mean? That we should only research and learn about one thing – all the time? Why should we limit ourselves to just one thing? We are more than one interest, and we can encompass all who we are.

In saying that, I know that niching works for marketing and conversion rates and if niching is what calls to you, then please do it. I am looking to make a change where generalists are just as valued as specialists. There are roles for everyone.


Words and word choice is so elegant. Words have varying meanings and connotations and finding the exact right word that goes in the exact right sentence in the exact right paragraph is nothing short of magic. Notice I did not say that the word, sentence, or paragraph were all perfect, but they are exactly right.

I’ve rekindled my love of language, not only by embracing my Writing Identity, but also because I am learning another language. I am also certified to teach English as a second language. Both of these endeavors has deepened my love of language. The burning embers were always there, but diving deeper into English and exploring French have thrown kerosene on the fire.


Of course, I love being a writer because of the act of writing. Though, if I am perfectly honest, my two favorite parts of the process are brainstorming (writing as play) and then editing (writing the exact right words). Drafting the first draft is hard sometimes. Other times the words flow from my fingers as if my muse is doing the typing for me.

Some of my writing will never be seen by eyes other than mine (at least while I am alive). My daily journaling habit is the fertile ground that a lot of my ideas get planted. Then I pluck those seedlings and water them in my brainstorming session to see if they grow. The pages of my journal are also where I examine my inner critic narratives and push back limiting beliefs imposed on me by society and by my past self. These words are some of my worst and yet most profound words ever written. Writing is a powerful tool. Creating is magic. Reading is wonder.

I love being a writer with my entire being. I love that my words can resonate with people and stir feelings up within them. I love it for my own practice and personal growth. The words I write hold power, whether they are just for me or shared with the world.

What do you love most about being a creator?

I want to hear from you!