gray background with blue text: Nobody puts Baby in the corner.

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

Nobody puts Baby in the corner.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched the movie that features this line. (Do you know it?)

I also can’t tell you how often I put myself in a corner. 

I wanted to write a book but never did.

I wanted to learn another language but never did. 

I wanted to be my own boss but never took the steps to make it happen.

Putting myself in the corner every. single. time.

Waiting for something (I don’t know what, some kind of sign, I guess) to happen to tell me that it is now time for me to escape the corner. 

Guess what?

Johnny never came to pull me from the corner to dance on stage. 

Really, the nerve. 

So, I pushed back my chair and climbed the steps of the stage myself. 

Now I have three books, one in the works, and another in the planning stages. 

I can speak French – kind of. At least much better than I could before. 

I have online classes available that begin at the low, low price of free. 

The corner is no longer for me. 

What about you?

I want to hear from you!