Graphic that says: Find your niche or don't

Why I Don’t Want to Niche

Every single expert marketer will tell you to niche. Find something that you enjoy writing about and write about it, and only that, so you can become an expert in that area. It gives you more credibility and makes it easier for people to find you. I understand that logic, and I’ve seen it work. …

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Picture of books surrounding the words: "Book Discussion Series: The Four Winds"

Book Discussion: The Four Winds

The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah is an important book for our current times. Though it is set during the Great Depression and the Dust Bowls of the Midwest, there are many parallels to life today.

An open book with the words "Literature is art."

Literature and Poetry are Art

My students came to me with limited knowledge of literature. It wasn’t their field of study, but they needed a class like mine to graduate. They knew what they liked, and they loved to read, but they often didn’t know a metaphor from a simile or how to spot symbolism within the narrative. I didn’t …

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Woman writing in a notebook instead of procrastinating.

Is the Formality of a Word Document Keeping You From Writing?

I used to attribute not wanting to write to procrastination. After all, I fought hard for the crown of Queen of Procrastination in college. Waiting until hours before the deadline to start writing most assignments. But procrastination always has a cause, and maybe the cause is the word document is too formal. A few weeks …

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The Bromance Book Club

Book Discussion: The Bromance Book Club

If you have ever thought about reading a romance novel, but are unsure the genre is for you, pick up The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams. The characters are flawed but likeable, the premise is interesting, and the story kept me turning pages. In short, it is a fun read.

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