House Cleaning or Cross Training

House Cleaning or Cross Training?

If you are a runner and have run a race or 50, you probably get all kinds of emails from the organizers of those races. I get a lot. Most of them I ignore unless I think I want to run the race again, but the other day, one caught my eye. I’m not sure …

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A little poem: The Airport

Twitter tells me it is World Poetry Day. And, if Twitter says it, it must be true. So, in honor of this very special time, I reached into my document files and found a little poem. Happy World Poetry Day! The Airport Waiting for time to leave. People waiting, walking, or running To get to …

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Book Discussion Series Girl on the Train

Book Discussion Series: The Girl on the Train

A pattern is emerging among the books I read. I hate all the characters. Hate might be a strong word, but I get really irritated by them. That’s almost the same thing, right? In the last Book Discussion Series post, I talked about how you can love the story but not so much the characters. The …

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Leap Year, All Year

It’s Leap Year, All Year

The elusive 29th of February that only makes an appearance every four years made its way onto the calendar, as you may have noticed. I asked my faithful newsletter subscribers what they planned to do on this extra day, but after I sent the newsletter, another thought struck me. We have 366 days this year, …

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Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee

It is such a beautiful day to sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee together. It was my turn to bring the coffee. It is nice to enjoy the weather for a change and relax. We decided to meet at the park this time to soak in one of the rare warm days this …

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