Something Strange Happened One Night

Something Strange Happened One Night

One day while running errands, I discovered something very odd about my car. It was in the same place I left it and it had the same license plate, but it did not look the same. Something was different and I couldn’t quite figure it out. As I walked closer I studied my vehicle to …

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New Year's Resolutions

Make New Year’s Goals Instead of Resolutions

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions? Don’t. A few years ago I read an article that changed how I thought about resolutions. Most of us resolve to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more, or quit some bad habit. The sad thing is that most of us will fail at keeping our resolutions before the …

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Gift Giving Just Because

Gift Giving Just Because

The countdown is on. Christmas is almost here. Do you have your gifts bought? Yeah. Me neither. It’s not that I don’t love giving gifts. I do. But when social conventions dictate a gift, I suddenly hate giving them. There are tons of places you can find gift giving advice and ideas and they are …

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Lessons Learned from Losing NaNoWriMo

I didn’t win. I didn’t even come close. NaNoWriMo got the better of me, but I am better for it. I started out on the first of November determined to win. My strategy was to write no less than 2,000 words per day so that I would even be a bit ahead of the daily …

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Midnight Pumpkin Pancakes

Midnight Pumpkin Pancakes

You are awake. It is the middle of the night. There is really only one thing you can do. Eat pancakes. Especially if those pancakes happen to be pumpkin. As the line from Dazed and Confused says, “Nothing like piling on old pancakes and syrup after a night of beer drinking.” I quote this line …

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