A Little Thanksgiving Celebration

A Little Thanksgiving Celebration

We all know the origin of Thanksgiving. We have heard the story about the European settlers to the New World and how the Indigenous people helped them to adapt by teaching them how to grow food in their new environment. When the settlers reaped a great harvest, they shared their table with those that supported …

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My Healthy Living Challenge

My Healthy Living Challenge

Today is my fourth day of running. Let’s take a moment to celebrate that, because we should celebrate accomplishments. Yay! Woohoo! (Yes, I just woohooed) Thank you! You might be asking why we are celebrating four days of running when I have written other posts about being a runner. You might have read about how …

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My Epic Mac & Cheese Fail

My Epic Mac & Cheese Fail

When I was younger, I wasn’t overly fond of real cheese. I picked everything off my pizza so that all that was left was a bit of sauce and crust. I would eat grilled cheese made with cheese wrapped in cellophane and fake mac & cheese made from a box. Now that I’m older I …

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A Bad Fence Made a Good Neighbor

I love windy days. Especially windy days in the fall when leaves rain down from trees and run down the street in unison. The air is just warm enough to hold the promise of a storm. Today was one of those wonderful windy fall days. As much as I love the wind, I must respect …

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I Moved My Cheese

One day, not long ago, I received a random text from a friend which said, “So, every day they went to Cheese Station C, found no cheese, and returned home, carrying their worries and frustrations with them.” I responded with, “I feel like I need more context.” She asked if I had read Who Moved …

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