The Bromance Book Club

Book Discussion: The Bromance Book Club

If you have ever thought about reading a romance novel, but are unsure the genre is for you, pick up The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams. The characters are flawed but likeable, the premise is interesting, and the story kept me turning pages. In short, it is a fun read.

Why I Block Tasks Not Time

Blocking time doesn’t work for me. Blocking tasks works better. One of the most common productivity hacks is blocking time. The act of blocking out time on your calendar for a specific task. You are making an appointment with yourself, so you are more likely to follow through. I’ve read this tip for how to …

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Book Discussion: Out of the Maze

Book Discussion: Out of the Maze

I was introduced to Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson, MD several years ago and recently went in search of it again. When I found it, I also discovered a sequel written by Dr. Johnson and published posthumously that tells the story of Hem.

Photo of a journal with a fountain pen ready for a writer

How I Learned I was a Writer

“It was a night like this one — the worst night of my life.” When I heard those words come out of my 5th grade teacher’s mouth, I was elated. They were my words. Words I wrote for a writing assignment. Words she selected to share with the class. The story was about a bear …

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Photo of dark trees along a night sky

Night Forest in the Flint Hills

A short story The city melts away and large expanses of land fill my view as I speed down I-70 heading for a weekend in the Flint Hills. My library book rests on the passenger seat begging for me to open the cover to reveal the magic contained on the pages. Just me, a book, …

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