Hannibal, Missouri

Weekend Road Trip

Planning the Trip Mom and I used to take road trips all the time. That is, we traveled to visit her mother, my grandmother, by road. We were always on a timeline to get to grandma’s house and our return trip was much the same. Even still, we had a good time traveling the roads …

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Am I a Short-Sleeper?

As I sit on my bed at an hour I should be sleeping, I ponder an article I read today (or I should say yesterday) about a new discovery. It seems some people actually have a gene that causes them to be a short-sleeper.  In the article, it mentioned that perhaps more people are short-sleepers …

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What to Know Before Skydiving

What to Know Before Skydiving

It is easy to want to do something in the abstract. I always said I wanted to go skydiving. It sounds really cool, right? But when I was faced with the actuality of going, it scared me! I’m pretty sure others feel the same way. My biggest concern about skydiving was simple. I was afraid …

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How I became a Runner

How I became a Runner

I don’t know how many articles and posts I have read about how to get started running. There are so many couch to 5k or couch to half-marathon articles out there that makes it sound like running is easy. I have a secret for you. It isn’t easy! I began running five years ago exactly …

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Welcome to EverydayScribe

I recently told someone, “I have too many interests for my own good.” It’s true! I am interested in so many things that I have a hard time finding one thing I am passionate about. That said, I have always identified myself as a writer. One thing I can truly say I am passionate about …

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