Arenal Volcano

Hiking Arenal Volcano

Hiking a volcano was not on my bucket list, but it should be on yours! My entire goal for my last trip to Costa Rica was to see a sloth, which I did and wrote about earlier, but who can say no to, “Do you want to hike a volcano?” Well, I can’t. Clouds hung …

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Kayaking on the water

My Inaugural Kayaking Trip

Paddle, paddle, paddle – wipe, wipe, wipe – was my mantra during my first kayaking trip. It was my cousin’s idea that we should start kayaking and I am always up for trying something new, especially if it involves the outdoors and exercise. An added bonus is that it is a water activity. Because of …

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Pattern - Still a mystery

Patterns Part Two: A Mystery Still

A while ago, I wrote about an envelope I found on the sidewalk near where I work. It was such an odd find since the envelope appeared to be about 40 years old from a prominent pattern creator of the time, and it was just in the middle of the sidewalk like any other piece …

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Tales from a Reiki Rookie

Tales from a Reiki Rookie: Part Two

I climbed up the stairs to the “Angel Loft” in search of the open Reiki session taking place in a downtown temple. I’m coming in a bit later in the open hours, so I hope I will be able to participate. I walk in the room and someone else is on the table. I stop, …

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Tales from a Reiki Rookie

Tales from a Reiki Rookie

Reiki is the passing of energy from one person to another to aid in healing, either physically or mentally. It is used to help alleviate pain and illness or reduce stress and promote relaxation and healing. Most practitioners do not claim it should be used instead of mainstream medicine, but in conjunction with it. With …

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