Learning about the Enneagram with a Fellow Beginner

**This post contains affiliate links. If you use the links, I will get a little bit of a commission, and it will not affect your cost at all. Thank you!** For weeks, maybe months, a friend of mine tried to get me to discover my Enneagram type. She learned about it through a work contact …

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Weekend Coffee Share: Let it snow!

People fall into three categories: I hate snow. I like snow if I don’t have to drive in it. I LOVE snow! I fall in the last category, which is perfect since the view over my computer screen is a picturesque view of snow covered woods. You may be of the I-like-it-if-don’t-have-to-drive variety, so I …

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It’s that time of year again.

In just a few hours we will usher in a new year. A new year to be a new you. This year you’ll wipe the slate clean and start fresh. It’s time to start saving money, lose weight, be better at…fill in the blank. I gave up New Year’s resolutions a long time ago and …

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Visiting La Fortuna Waterfall

Costa Rica is a magical place. One full of wondrous sites and animals. I spoke about the magic in this post and my search for one of its native animals in this post. Now, let’s chat about a waterfall. When you visit here, you will immediately be introduced to the saying Pura vida, or Pure …

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Sloth Adventures - EverydayScribe

Sloth Adventure

September is the rainy season in Costa Rica and the rain is really pouring in La Fortuna. I won’t let it deter me from planning my sloth adventure. My entire goal for this trip is to see the cute, homely creature, so off I go into Sloth Territory. Thankfully, when I reach the place promising …

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