Cover of Running Through My Thoughts, which has that text in blue over an a black and white image of running shoes on asphalt.

Running Through My Thoughts is a collection of personal essays exploring the connection between running and writing. These two seemingly unrelated activities weave together as I learn self-discipline, tenacity, and trust. These skills learned while pounding the pavement will translate into a life tapping the keyboard. Join me on the journey and discover one of your own.

“People often talk about how difficult it is to say no to others, but it is equally difficult to say yes to something for yourself. Something that either doesn’t fit into the societal mold or something that takes time away from other things you “should” be doing. In essence, by saying yes to yourself, you have to say no to someone else. It is a double whammy of hard.” ~ Jerri Miller, Running Through My Thoughts

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