Are you ready to think about goals differently? with a little picture of me on the right.

Create and work toward goals with compassion for yourself so that you can better position yourself to achieve them.

I stumbled into self-compassion. I didn’t mean to do it, and I certainly never intended to be a self-compassion advocate!

When I noticed how much more motivating it was to treat myself with compassion rather than beat myself up constantly, I knew I would have to share this secret — which isn’t really a secret at all.

You just have to know where to look.

And I’ve looked. Studied. Journaled. Practiced.

Now, I want you to share in the power of self-compassion.

Have you said any of these (or some version) to yourself?

  • If I don’t meet a goal or do work up to my standards, I beat myself up.
  • I say terrible things to myself. And I continue saying them for weeks or months.
  • When I do something good, I downplay its significance and look for the next thing I need to accomplish.

I was right there, too! I said terrible things to myself when I didn’t meet my standards.

I would ruminate on the mistakes I made for way too long.

But, when I did something good, I would brush it off as a fluke or something.

Learning to practice self-compassion has changed a lot of that. It has allowed me to begin harnessing my power.

Self-compassion allows me to expand and grow.

I want that for you, also.

A guide to discovering how to create goals and work toward them with self-compassion.

Two options to choose from!

The Virtual Clinic

The Virtual Clinic is for you if you want a little more guidance to get you started. It comes with a video to walk you through the Virtual Clinic Guide which is 20 pages with 6 journal prompts to help you find your path for creating and working toward goals with self-compassion.

The PDF Download

The PDF eBook is for you if you want to take a deeper dive into self-compassion. Through the 82 page guide and 27 journal prompts, you will work your way to developing a your path for creating and working toward goals with self-compassion.

$17 USD

Either option is for you if…

  • You are ready to think about goals outside the capitalistic, patriarchal framework we’ve been working under for too long.
  • You are constantly looking for the next thing you must do to prove yourself worthy or to make yourself valuable.
  • You are burned-out and stressed out over trying to do all the things, all the time.

This is not for you if…

  • You are looking for a hack, quick fix, or cheat. This is a long process that will take time, probably the rest of your life.
  • You want this to answer all your questions. Both options are to introduce you to self-compassion and get you started thinking about the possibilities that may not be on your radar. I provide many resources for you to continue your pursuit in both options.
  • You need to talk to a therapist or a certified coach. I am neither of those things. I am just a human trying to be more human and less a cog in a machine.

Still wondering if this is right for you?

Consider what these people have said:

  • “Goals, but Different is priceless. Seriously, it is so good!”
  • “This has made me rethink how I approach my goals.”
  • “The journal prompts helped me dig deeper into how I approach goals now and how I want to approach goals in the future.”

The investment is tiny compared to the investment you will be making in yourself.

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  • You can begin changing how you approach goals and working toward them! Congratulations!

$17 USD