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Picture of a single bloom of fleabane with the words Full-Body Yes Fallacy written in blue over a transparent gray background

The Full-Body Yes Fallacy

Let’s chat for a moment about the Fallacy of the full-body yes. Lots of wellness gurus talk about the full-body yes. It is the idea that when you are standing in front of a decision, it is a no if it isn’t a full-body yes. If your immediate reaction to something isn’t excitement, then you […]

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blue background with gray words: Sharing Opinions

The Importance of Sharing Opinions

I shared on my Instagram stories a week or two ago that I don’t like to share my opinions before I have time to gather information. I don’t want to have a knee-jerk reaction to an incendiary headline designed to get people mad enough to click. Also, I don’t like to use one source. All

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gray background with blue text: Nobody puts Baby in the corner.

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

Nobody puts Baby in the corner. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched the movie that features this line. (Do you know it?) I also can’t tell you how often I put myself in a corner.  I wanted to write a book but never did. I wanted to learn another language but never did.  I wanted to

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A blue background with gray words that read: I read banned books.

I Read Banned Books

I read banned books. ⁠⁠In fact, I taught a class about banned books when I was a literature instructor. ⁠⁠People in my classes were always surprised to learn there was censorship here in the U.S. The land of Free Speech. ⁠⁠There was censorship back when I taught the class. And the number of book challenges

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gray background with blue text: A note on mindset

A Note on “Mindset”

We often hear the word “mindset.” We need to change our mindset. If we change our mindset, then our life will change. Mindset is the key to happiness. I am not a fan of the word because, firstly, it is way overused, but also, it takes more than changing your mindset to invite growth and

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