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Why I Quit My Day Job

One month ago today, I followed through with a radical decision. I decided to leave my job and start this blog, among other adventures. This decision did not come lightly, nor is it without its drawbacks, but I know it was the right decision for me. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t hate my job. …

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100 Days Without Chocolate

100 Days Without Chocolate

Today marks 100 days since I decided to take a challenge offered by lifehack.org to improve my life. In their article “60 Small Ways to Improve Your Life in the Next 100 days,” they list actions you can take to, as the article’s title suggests, improve your life. I am always a sucker for one …

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Am I a Short-Sleeper?

As I sit on my bed at an hour I should be sleeping, I ponder an article I read today (or I should say yesterday) about a new discovery. It seems some people actually have a gene that causes them to be a short-sleeper.  In the article, it mentioned that perhaps more people are short-sleepers …

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What to Know Before Skydiving

What to Know Before Skydiving

It is easy to want to do something in the abstract. I always said I wanted to go skydiving. It sounds really cool, right? But when I was faced with the actuality of going, it scared me! I’m pretty sure others feel the same way. My biggest concern about skydiving was simple. I was afraid …

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Welcome to EverydayScribe

I recently told someone, “I have too many interests for my own good.” It’s true! I am interested in so many things that I have a hard time finding one thing I am passionate about. That said, I have always identified myself as a writer. One thing I can truly say I am passionate about …

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