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Your Story Matters

An interviewee for a future “Weekend Chats” asked me a question before we began. She asked: What do you hope to achieve by doing these interviews? My response was, “Well, you clearly didn’t read my blog,” and I laughed, but I responded with: I want to help lift others up. I want to tell the …

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A Little Silly Goes a Long Way

We can all do something to brighten someone’s day. My area of the world is under a stay at home order because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I fully support this order and believe social distancing is the only way to alleviate some of stresses on our health system, and more importantly, keep people safe, especially …

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Twitter Restored my faith in humanity

Twitter Restored My Faith in Humanity

For a moment. I’ve taken to scrolling through Twitter at 3am when I can’t sleep. I know, I know, I shouldn’t be looking at my phone screen when trying to sleep. I know all those things, yet I still reach for my phone when it seems sleep will not come. Most of the time I …

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Why We Should All Hate the Word Diet

Why We Should All Hate the Word “Diet.”

Unhealthy eating has been linked to many medical issues, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease, but when we try to make better food choices we are often chastised instead of given support. Here are a few things I’ve heard when I tell someone I don’t want something because I am choosing to not eat sweets: “Just …

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New Year

New Year 2020: Setting Intentions

On the last day of 2019, I wrote on my Instagram page that it was a great time to set intentions for the year. If you subscribe to my email community, you received a similar message. My wish for you is that you live each day with purpose. Purpose does not always need to mean …

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