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Coffee and keyboard with text overlay: How I handled rejection from editors: Then and now

How I Handled Rejection From Editors: Then and Now

I got another rejection email: Thank you for submitting, but we are going to pass on this one. Please submit again soon! Then Rejection is part of being a writer – of being a creative, so the prevailing advice is to get comfortable with rejection. I always felt like I was comfortable with it. I …

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Text: Celebrate every win - not bragging

Celebrate Every Win

I was scrolling through Instagram the other day, something that occurs way too often and I am working on putting boundaries on, but I digress. When I was scrolling, I saw a caption that began with, “I don’t want to seem like I’m bragging, but…” After reading the rest of the caption, the person shared …

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Picture of the word jealousy

Is Jealousy a Wasted Emotion?

I recently read an article from The Minimalists, which I normally love, but one thing written in this article stuck with me. Joshua wrote, “Jealousy is a wasted emotion.” Reading these words makes me think of a poet I’ve seen a few times at poetry readings. There are no other words to describe my feelings …

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Mindful about motivational quotes

Mindful About Motivational Quotes

“If you have time to scroll on social media, you have time to write.” I say, “No” to that. This quote and others like it often made me feel bad about spending my time on social media, mindlessly scrolling through the lives of others. Or sitting in front of the television watching whatever show was …

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Graphic that says: Find your niche or don't

Why I Don’t Want to Niche

Every single expert marketer will tell you to niche. Find something that you enjoy writing about and write about it, and only that, so you can become an expert in that area. It gives you more credibility and makes it easier for people to find you. I understand that logic, and I’ve seen it work. …

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