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It’s a Mystery – Patterns

It was hot and sticky. The kind of day that makes you want to stay inside. Even I, who would always rather be outside than stuck in an office all day, was not looking forward to stepping out the doors into the wall of heat. I knew I must, though. I had to go outside …

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Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee: Morning Rain

It is too early when it is still dark outside on a summer morning, but that is the current status of my life. I have my coffee, but it is doing little to stave off the sleepiness. You can’t sleep either? Who needs sleep? Let me get you a cup of hot caffeine. Oh my! …

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Dancing in September

The hot, humid days are making their fickle transition to the crisp, breezy days of fall. Though fall does not officially start for a few weeks, the first day of September brings the promise of brilliant color and pumpkin everything just around the corner. September has me looking forward to the magic of autumn, while …

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Clearly, I’m Not Cool

Celebrities are people, right? They may be more well-known because of their profession, but still just people. It’s a little silly to get star struck over seeing another person. I wouldn’t act weird around a celebrity. I would be cool. Then this happened: My ticket is scanned and I walk into the venue. A program …

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The Unexpected Benefit of Tubeless Toilet Paper

For years the cardboard tube in the middle of a roll of toilet paper has confounded us. The empty tube has little use and is often discarded unless you are crafty or have kids. What do we do with it? Toilet paper manufacturers responded by creating tubeless toilet paper and advertise it as a way …

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