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Book Discussion Series

Book Discussion Series: Tribe

On the surface, Tribe: Homecoming and Belonging by Sebastian Junger seems to be far from a gripping read for most people not affected by life in the military. Famous for works such as The Perfect Storm and War, in this book, Junger discusses an aspect of military life often overlooked – coming home.

Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee: Contemplating a New Genre

Today is a two cup of coffee day. Not because anything is wrong. Not because I was out late last night. Not because I’m overly sleepy or cold. It just seems like a wonderful morning to relax with a cup of coffee. And I wasn’t done relaxing after my first cup was empty. So, with …

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Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee: Too Much in my Brain

My brain has been whirring with thoughts this week. Because of that and the lateness of the hour, perhaps we should have herbal tea tonight. Maybe a nice chamomile? And don’t mind me if I fall asleep during our chat. I’m really not bored, just sleepy. Sleep is hard to come by when your mind …

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I’m too nice

I am too nice. I keep my opinions to myself. I smile and nod, You think I agree Though I may not. It’s called active listening, Perhaps you should try it. Too much talking; Not enough learning; Not enough understanding. So much, too much judgement. Where is our compassion? I have opinions, Several as a …

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Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: The Window Part Three

Author’s Note: If you have not read The Window, or The Window Part Two, stop now and read those first. This installment will be here when you return.

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