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Journaling discussions: After a few false starts, I finally created a journaling habit and it has changed me in ways I could never imagine. It’s made me more aware of my needs as a creator, it’s helped me to learn about my process, and it has opened up a new wave of creativity I knew was there but was buried for way too long. More than that, it has helped me witness my limiting beliefs, my thoughts, and my emotions and allow me to examine them and rethink them. Want to learn more about journaling and how it can unleash your inner magic?

Creativity and Business: We have thought about business and creativity as two separate buckets for too long. We can harness creativity to be better business people, stronger leaders, and better overall humans. Want to learn more?

General questions: What’s on your mind? Drop me a line to ask your questions or just say hi! I’d love to hear from you!

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